A Student's Guide to Sponsored Billing

Who is a sponsored student?

    • International Sponsored students are students whose education at the University of Arkansas is funded directly by a third party, called a sponsor. Sponsors can be employers, educational institutions, government agencies, foundations, grants or other institutional sources. Examples of third-party sponsors include the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM), Higher Committee for Education Development (HCED), and The Fulbright Foreign Student Program (IIE/Fulbright).

What is a sponsored student responsible for regarding billing?

    • The sponsored student is responsible for obtaining authorization for the office of Sponsored Student Programs (SSP) to bill the sponsor directly for the student's expenses each semester.

Important Notice for Students with Third Party/Sponsored Agreements

    • Sponsored students should submit the necessary paperwork to the office of Sponsored Student Programs in a timely manner to have a sponsor payment posted to their account. Students should review their account online on UA Connect  to ensure the sponsor payment is posted and any additional amount due is paid by the applicable payment deadline. The office of Sponsored Student Programs will release any student financial information necessary to obtain payment from a sponsor. This information can include any information on the student account summary, including financial aid. Additionally, some sponsors may require a student’s class schedule and withdrawal information if applicable. Please direct additional questions to uaspbill@uark.edu .

More Information about Sponsored Billing

    • Our goal is to make fee payment for sponsored students as hassle-free as possible. Following these simple steps helps us ensure your student account is properly credited. Failure to do so may result in academic holds, inability to register for classes, and late fees.
        • Please submit your sponsor documents to the office of Sponsored Student Programs in a timely manner. Documents may be submitted by email or in person.
          • Submitted documents must be complete and contain all applicable signatures. Please review your account through uaconnect.uark.edu to verify the sponsor payment has been applied and any remaining balance is paid by the applicable payment deadline.