SSSP process provides important information to assist you with your departure.

All departing international students leaving the UA or the U.S. and not returning need to complete a SEVIS Departure/Transfer  form submitted to the International Students and Scholars office, regardless of whether the visa document was issued by our International Students and Scholars office or the student’s sponsor.  The form may be accessed on ISSLink.

Make an appointment with the UA Career Development Center located in the Arkansas Union Room 607 for professional help with resumes, cover letters and much more.  Contact them at 479-575-2805 and view their website Career Development Center

Diplomas, Transcripts & Degree Completion Letter

Degree posting can take 2-6 weeksDiplomas are available 2-6 weeks after graduation.

Your official final transcript w/degree posting will be sent to your sponsor by Sponsored Students and Special Programs as soon as possible after your degree is posted.

All students may view the Registrar’s website for information on graduation, diploma address, to order transcripts and more. 

Graduate students may view the Graduate School website for more information on Commencement, deadlines, and graduation requirements.

The Registrar’s office will send your diploma to the address you entered on your graduation application, not to the address on your UAConnect.

To request a change in the mailing address for your diploma

Submit the Diploma Mailing Form to the Registrar’s office in Hunt Hall or by email at The form can be found on Registrar's Office | Forms or contact by phone at 479-575-5451 to verify or to request a change in your graduation term or to check your diploma mailing address.

Undergraduate students who need a letter of degree completion for their school, sponsor, or job search before they will receive their diploma, may request this letter from their academic Dean’s office. 

Graduate Students who need a letter of degree completion for their school, sponsor, or job search before they will receive their diploma, may request this letter from the Graduate School.  Please call the Graduate School at 1-479-575-4401 or visit us at GEAR 207-208.

Diplomas and personal official transcripts will be sent by regular U.S. mail or can be sent special delivery from the Registrar’s office for an additional fee. Contact the Registrar’s office for more information or view their website at Registar's site

Additional diplomas may also be purchased at your own cost. You may access the form on the Registrar’s website at Registrar's Office | Forms One diploma is included in your graduation fee.

Submit your personal official final transcript requestbefore you leave Fayetteville or can be ordered anytime from their website or from their office in Silas Hunt Hall. Access the form online at Transcript Request

We recommend students purchase 3 official transcripts for their personal and/or academic needs. Students are responsible for paying for these costs and pay at the time you order your personal transcripts. Be sure to indicate "mail after degree posted."

Contact us at if your sponsor does not receive your official final transcript.

General Information

Note:  Keep the syllabus from every course you have taken. Scan and keep them on your computer and a thumb drive for future use. Contact the instructor of any course for which you do not have the syllabus for assistance, before you leave campus.

Students sponsored by U.S.-based NGO organizations (such as IIE, LASPAU, AMIDEAST, IREX, American Councils, World Learning, etc.) must complete all departure forms and procedures with their sponsor before leaving the U.S.

Please update your personal email address on UAConnect before you depart. This will enable the University of Arkansas Alumni Association to remain in contact with you in the future.

Graduates receive a free one year membership in the UA Alumni Association. We encourage our graduates to join and be active. They offer members a variety of services and opportunities. For more information, visit Arkansas Alumni Online Community or call at 479-575-2801 or Toll free at 1-888-275-2586 or visit them at the Janelle Y. Hembree Alumni building on Razorback Road.

For all graduating students, your UARK email will be available to you for 2 years after your final term, and keep your UARK password current. If you have questions contact the IT Services Help Desk at 479-575-2905 or at Information Technology Services.

All Visiting students or Visiting Researchers/Scholars: your UARK email is active for 70 days after your term end date.

The UA Catalog of Studies is available online at Catalog of Studies. Course descriptions, academic program information for your academic year dates are available.

Miscellaneous Preparations

Inform your bank of the closing date for your bank account and check on their rules and procedures.  If there are any deposits or payments coming to your account, be sure to leave your account open long enough to receive the funds before you leave Fayetteville or make arrangements with a friend to assist you. 

Give sufficient notice to your landlord as specified in your lease. If you have a roommate, be sure that your name is removed from the lease and from any utility bills.  Make arrangements for receiving any deposits you may have coming to you. 

Inform all utility/service providers, credit card companies, etc., of your closing date and make sure to follow their procedures for closing accounts, and to receive any deposits you may have coming to you. Make sure any outstanding debts are paid in full in the community.

Make sure any outstanding debts are paid in full at the UA.  Check your UAConnect center. If there is an outstanding balance on your Student Account, official transcripts and/or diplomas will not be released until the balance is paid. 

Make arrangements to donate, give away or sell any items you do not want to carry home with you. You may want to investigate buying additional luggage for books and other items you want to take with you on the plane. 

Don’t forget to check on airline weight limits and costs. Baggage fees can be very expensive. Check with your airline for the cost on additional baggage.

Shipping is very expensive.  If you have large household furniture or a car to ship, you may wish to contact Ocean Freight.  View their website at American Multimodal International Deliveries.

Some students may experience reverse culture shock upon returning home.  This is normal.  It is important to keep in touch with your fellow scholarship students for support and understanding.  They are your link to your UA experience and studying in the U.S.


Catherine Cunningham, Program Coordinator for Sponsored Students and Special Programs at or at 479-575-6857 if you have questions.