Current Students

Like our students, our Sponsored Students and Special Programs office is a unique campus resource.  We offer our sponsors, students, faculty, departments, and support staff with one contact office providing assistance from application processing through to graduation and departure home.  We are very proud of our place in the school of Graduate and International Education, hosting international students from around the world who have received scholarships from their universities, governments, and various U.S. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).  Students are placed at the UA to pursue their degree programs, or welcomed as visiting students for a semester or academic year.  We also work to host visiting researchers, faculty and scholars who reside in a chosen department for research and learning opportunities.  During their tenure at the University of Arkansas we offer campus and student advising, provide third-party billing and student reporting to our sponsors as well as transcript services for currently enrolled students, and assistance for faculty, staff and departments.  We believe our work aids our campus and our students and sponsors to have a smooth and supporting experience.  We are nothing without them and are proud to serve their needs.